Data used for this website was gathered from Nuclear Explosions 1945 - 1998 from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute by Nils-Olov Bergkvist and Ragnhild Ferm and many pages on Wikipedia.

This site was inspiried by the video created by Isao Hashimoto. The data I compiled to make this: detonations spreadsheet.

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Some facts

kt stands for kilotons. 1 kiloton is the equivalent of 1000 tons of TNT/dynamite exploding.

  • America has detonated roughly half of the nuclear devices in the world and detonated 88% (886 devices) of theirs at the NTS
  • The only two devices to detonated in combat were Fat Man (21kt) and Little Boy (15kt)
  • Only 2% of the nuclear material fissioned on Little Boy (source)
  • The largest device ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba by the USSR at 50000kt

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